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Kelvin Ng

Modern Magic

Kelvin Ng

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I am Kel, a magician for over 23 years now and most definitely for the rest of my life! 
I help clients celebrate their events and make their guests feel appreciated by making them memorable, surprising, and guarantee everyone has a blast! 

Whatever event you have in mind, Magic just makes it so much better!  Sound fun?

About Me

I started magic when I was about 17 years old as I wanted to escape from my own reality into a fantasy world where literally anything is possible where the magic world resides. I then realized as I started performing for people, everyone is looking to escape in their own way and I'm blessed to take people out of their reality, even if it's for a split second. What am I even saying? Yes, I'm a magic nerd.

Bio of Kel

Through intense devotion and love for magic, Kel continues every day to spend his time honing and practicing his craft with surgical precision since 2001.  This results in multiple awards given to him by the Vancouver Magic Circle including “The Magician of the Year” by the International Brotherhood of magicians Ring #92 for excellence in Stage, close-up, and card magic. 

Kel is inspired to create a magical experience of wonder and mystery.  Magic is a visual art form and in a multi-cultural city such as Vancouver, Kelvin is able entertain any audience at any given time for any event.  He lives to share laughs, gasps, fun, amazement, joy, and everything in between

Successful Sold-Out Theatre ShowsWith extensive knowledge in theatre production and years of experience performing magic on stage, Kel produced and sold out his One-man full theatre show, 70-minute show, and M - The Magic show, that features close-up magic, illusions, card tricks and choreography suitable for all ages.   

Recent update:  Kel has been crowned the Murray award, The Leon Mandrake award the Creativity award for the year 2021 voted by the executive of the Fraser Valley Magic circle, the Vancouver Magic Circle, and the Society of American Magicians.